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Small or Big everything starts with a vision!

Merik Pelletier  Founder


The production size doesn't matter as, in all cases, it is about the manifestation of somebody's vision. I am a facilitator for those visionaries eager to show the world what they have in mind.

For over thirty years, I've been working on finding tools and processes to ease production while reducing steps and, therefore, costs. When we mention technology, the first that comes to mind is fancy science-fiction space-ship screens; it is often everything but! 

Conventional playback provides little latitude. As a result, on many occasions, the screens end up green for post-production. You can prepare content weeks ahead; there is always something to modify on the day. 

For most of my career on set, I had to reproduce reality, often older technologies, to create practical props, allowing easy content adjustment and operation while shooting. If I am not making the content, I must adapt it and ensure it is clear of rights.


Communication with the different involved departments is essential. If I am not on set on the shooting day, one of my assistants will stand by online to assist the operator.

With the rapid evolution of virtual production solutions, the work extends to pre- to post-production. My work is also about testing new tools and services in the marketplace and providing technical support and advice.

I am blessed to have this unique opportunity to work with amazing artists and visionaries. For me, it is about contributing to this unique industry, providing millions with much-needed entertainment relief from daily stress.

Let’s Work Together

110- 2905 Montee Hamilton

Ste-Julienne QC, Canada

J0K 2T0

Tel: 1-579-990-0737

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