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Marguerite De Liege

The bloody princess

Marguerite De Liege

Princess Marguerite De Liege was a woman of great beauty and charm. She was adored by all who met her, and her royal status only added to her allure. However, beneath her regal exterior, lay a dark secret. Marguerite was a murderer. She had a penchant for killing those who crossed her, and she used her royal status to hide her crimes.

In 1880, Marguerite was at the height of her power. She had just been crowned queen, and her subjects adored her. But behind closed doors, Marguerite was plotting her next kill. She had her sights set on her closest advisor, a man who had been with her since childhood. He had grown too powerful, and Marguerite knew that he was a threat to her reign.

Marguerite lured her advisor to her chambers and, under the guise of discussing important matters of state, she poisoned him. His death was ruled a natural one, and Marguerite breathed a sigh of relief. She had gotten away with it once again. But as she looked out over her kingdom, she knew that her murderous desires would never be sated. Marguerite De Liege would always be a killer at heart.

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