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Your mystery awaits!

Lovia Smart



Charles Balley

The lonely Baron

Doctor Victor Polus

The doctor who find out life secret.

Edward Montague

The city of London would always remember the young duke who had solved one of the most notorious murder mysteries of the time.

Edward of London

The favorite son

Elizabeth Windsor

The countess who preferred her lab to the ballroom!

Ezekiel Alvazar

The Captain and the missing crew members

Henry Avery

The British Slave trader

Lady Camila Hamsfort

Lady Camila dark secret

Lily Bolean

Lily could not resist the thrill of a good mystery.

Lizzie Stone

Stone, a black opera singer who had managed to shine brighter then any other of her time!

Marguerite De Liege

The bloody princess

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Mei-Ling Chan

Mei-Ling Chan was brought from China against her will and forced to work in an opium den.

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