In the universe, the only exploration that matters

is one of the soul. 

Elena is an 86 years old heiress who dies to find herself within the body of a younger woman from another planet. How this happened, why, and who are those strange people who seem to have summoned her soul in their world?

This fantastic adventure is about the exploration of a soul purpose. The story pretext is questioning what defines a person beyond the material. 

Elena's character in her formal life was the archetype of materialistic obsession. She is sucked in a universe challenging what had defined her existence. During this colorful journey of discoveries, the most intriguing are the ones of the heart and soul. 

For this audio version, I used voices and selected a narrator's voice with an accent. She has this warm older storyteller tone that I think fits perfectly with the story subject. Sound effects and music are from Envato Elements. Not every writer has access to voice artists and music; those two tools are my favorites. 

I hope this story will please you. Coming out soon, the illustrated Novel version.