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Witches, werewolves, vampires, goblins, and more, are creatures of legends and nightmares that have been influencing and praying on the mortals since the dawn of time.

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Able to move through time, their lifespans seem unlimited.

But they are not immortal, and even with their unique powers and abilities, they can be vanquished. Each kind has its code, while treaties among species help to support a fragile peace. 

The Dracs, lead by Vlad Dracula, is one of the most powerful vampire clans. Vlad, with five of his best associates, administrate a dominium dispersed through different timelines.


Not an easy task with frequent conflicts with other clans and species. The situation takes a twisted turn when a powerful hybrid, Evira, half-witch, and vampire, shows up to proclaim herself the Vampire's Queen! It gets worst when it is revealed that, Evira is no other than Vlad's daughter.

Not unlike her father, Evira is ambitious and ready to go to any length to reach her goals. 

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