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The best way to learn is to practice!


"Team Prods" original series goal is to provide developers "Series Virtual Production Bundles"

to experiment with popular platforms.

As a team and collaborators, we are aware that many aspects need to be addressed.

It is a work in progress, and we need partners ready to invest their time, skills, talents, resources, contacts, and visions! We are looking at how those partnerships would work. You may have some ideas.

The universe of entertainment is taking a new turn. Team Prods is part of a new means of content distribution, production techniques exploration, and monetization. It is a project we've been working on for several months; with this pandemic crisis, I decided to push it on and adjust as it goes along.  

I know that many developers are working on more complex visual results. However, it is not given to all of having access to costly equipment, and if we want virtual production to move forward fast, and include the participation of those working on conventional productions; we need a training platform available to most.


We also have to take into consideration the development of virtual and augmented reality content. Once again, most consumer VR and AR devices can't handle high-resolution content. The last argument is that we are now dealing with an active public avid for interaction and, most, not having access to expansive devices. 

I have been involved with the testing and introduction of new technologies in the production industry for over 20 years. I know how scary it is for many to let go of the old and move to the new. That it is for a set technician or a network executive, many are afraid when it is time to rock the boat.


The growing demands for content due to streaming were calling for a change in the system to reduce cost while speeding up the delivery process. The evolution was on the way; this pandemic had just accelerated it.

Merik Martin Pelletier, Founder