Tess is a successful journalist whose life takes a dramatic turn after getting an old country Inn as an inheritance in Shadow Hills. Minded to quickly sell the property, accompanied by her best friend Lynn, they go on a journey to find out what this place is all about. To her astonishment as Tess steps in, she falls madly in love with the old manor house... It’s like if a spell was cast on her!


By the end of their first night at the Inn, Tess and Lynn entered a realm where the line between the living and the dead is so thin that both dimensions collide. Shadow Hills is a unique rendezvous point for the departed as they will soon discover.


Tess is the next woman in her family lineage to receive the charge of becoming the Inn Keeper. A magical place yes but not short of problems... As some of the guests could be hard to accommodate as they have some unresolved issues from their past lives to deal with before moving on to the other side for good.


To help taking care of the guests, Tessa and her sidekick Lynn have an Inn's crew. The none official leader of this team is Rose the cook who got the job from her mother like Marius her cousin the Grounds Keeper. Gertrude is the administrator, a ghost from the 1920s who like Hank the butler decided to stay a while longer to help before moving on. Last but not least is Lady Penelope the first Inn Keeper from centuries ago who likes to show up when some situations are presenting a challenge harder than usual.


The legacy Tess received was more than a property, but a destiny that she couldn't deny.


Welcome to Soul Inn the place to rest in peace!

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Episode 101 - Scroll 1

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Tess is a successful journalist whose life takes a dramatic turn after getting an old country Inn as the inheritance from some unknown aunt. Within mind to quickly sell the property, accompanied by her best friend Lynn, she goes to find out what this place is all about.  

After a long journey in the countryside, they finally arrive at Souls Inn. 


The door opens and two young women, dressed to the latest fashion, walks in passing Marius, one of the caretaker carrying their suitcases.


This is so, so, dated. This place needs a MAJOR re-looking girlfriend!


This place is perfect the way it is. Lynn, we are not in New-York, but Shadow Hills.

People come here to enjoy tradition, and the countryside, to get away from the city.


Still, Tess, this is 1968, not 1858!

Is there even a television set here?

A telephone?!


Good Lord no! But we have a radio and a gramophone. And sometimes guest brings in their own instruments. There is plenty of entertainment at Souls Inn. 


As for the telephone, I fear that this was a necessity. Sandy Shadow Hills operator will connect you to whomever you want.


This is not a fancy hotel so don’t expect one in your room.


And you are?


The man who has almost broken his back bringing your stuff in here,




I am the caretaker, like my father, and his father before him, and...


I get the picture. I'm Lynn the Best Friend of Tess Brandford,

your new boss.


Best friend, hey! I get the picture. 

Nice to meet you, young Miss. I hope you will feel at home.


Nice to meet you too, Marius.

And you can call me Tess.


Oh, no! It would not be proper. You may be young, but you are the new Miss of Souls Inn.


Tess! I certainly hope that you will change the name of this place. It is positively morbid!

Rose, Souls Inn cook driving the old Ford model T with by her side a very pale younger woman, Gertrude, dressed like the twenties, is on her way back from Shadow Hills.


It took forever for this old fool to put together my order. I am sure that she has arrived by now and I am not there to greet her properly!

This is a shame, a real shame!

Well, Marius is there. We had work to do. Life doesn’t stop every time there is an administration change.


I don’t care even if it would have been the Queen of Sheba! When they come to the Inn, they eat what I put on the table.

We have to prepare for the next guests. Never easy to satisfy royalties.


I was not there when the old Miss took over, but Marius was, and he told me, that it took her few weeks to calm down after learning

the truth.

What bothers me is that we didn’t have enough time to prepare the new Miss.


I was there, remember! Well, we don’t have a few weeks, we don’t even have a few days. 

They arrive tomorrow afternoon.


I am aware of that, Gertrude! And by the way,

can you make you look more modern, and most importantly more ALIVE?!

My look doesn’t seem to disturb the good people of Shadow Hills!


The good people of Shadow Hills have been dealing with their own load of family ghosts for a quite a while. They don’t care. But, this poor girl doesn’t even have a clue that you guys exist, even less that she has some as part of her staff!

Back at the Souls Inn, Lynn is trying to convince Tess to sale and come back

to the city with her.


This place is amazing.

This place is like a funeral parlor.


Tess, you can’t be serious about staying here? You are a brilliant writer, you have offers from all the main magazines in the country, you are stunning...

And I am alone. I don’t feel comfortable anywhere... Miss placed!


Lynn, I am not like you. I am a good writer because I prefer to live in my own world not the one around me.

Plus, this is a family tradition.

This Inn passes from one woman Brandford to another.


There is something special about this place! I can feel it.

What I feel is the urge for a stiff drink.


Dry Martinis?


I don't know who the hell you are, but I will have one of those!


I am Hank the butler slash waiter,

slash handyman.