As a new content development platform, we explore multiple venues for content publishing and distribution.  The goal is to provide a dynamic way to offer an engaging content experience. 

A significant part of content access is through the use of mobile technologies such as smartphones and tablets. On those devices, it is common to explore content by scrolling down pages; it was then logical to format our content to fit this method.

We didn't reinvent the wheel, but we are implementing a publishing protocol. Here's are the first outlines:


1- Content is to be divided into scrolls that are long content scrolling pages with floating anchors menu attached to scenes. 

2- Content is to include multiple media types enhancing the experience, for example, short video segments, audio clips, augmented and virtual reality elements, or interactive (game) component. 

3- Each scroll must be of a reasonable length. It is better to have a title with multiple scrolls then everything within one scroll, this would make loading and storage easier.

OTHER Titles