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The RGB Witches Covent, an international organization of Digimagic practitioners, was founded in the early 20th century.


The story goes that three witches from three different countries—the red witch from Ireland, the blue witch from China, and the green witch from Africa—met and bonded over their love of magic.


They decided to form a covent that has since spread across the globe and now boasts hundreds of members.


The RGB Witches Covent practice Digimagic, a form of magic using technology to support the craft.

The Red Witch

Scarlet is the red witch of the Covent. She's the oldest witch in the group, and her magic is focused on passion. She tends to be a bit wild and reckless but also knows how to get things done.


Her magic is about passion and desire—you can find her on the red carpet of the Oscars casting spells to help actors woo their co-stars, or you might see her at a party for young artists in Brooklyn, where she'll cast a spell that makes everyone fall madly in love with their art.

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The Green Witch

Ivy, the green witch, or Ivy for short, is the wise witch of the covent. She hails from Africa, where she learned to harness and channel the power of nature.


Her magic is focused on animals and plants: she can communicate with and summon them and control their movements. Her spells are always rooted in the natural world and are, therefore, very hard to undo—even if they're not permanent!

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The Blue Witch

Vision, the blue witch, is the youngest of the coven. She was born in China and has been practicing magic for as long as she could remember.


Her powers are rooted in illusion and wishes, and she uses them to help her friends when they need them most.

It is about persuasion and influence.

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