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Virtual and an A.I. actor

When your product is about virtual actors, using an A.I. character as your leading spokesperson makes sense. What is the difference between a virtual actor and an A.I. actor? For once, the virtual actor is an empty shell left to the animator to give life, while the "A.I. actor" includes assets such as its voice, mannerisms, and more.

Nowadays, I am practically doing everything for Sckript. It is part of the experience as I wanted to know what's going on in the process of building products, services, and online options to help it grow. I also wanted to put together a viable system that allows remote teamwork.

One essential aspect of any business is promotion. The main star in your promotional campaigns should be your product! So I create all sorts of animated shorts to promote my work. But even fun, it is time-consuming and, right now, funded by my own pocket. It won't be the same once reaching the next commercial phase. If you intend to make money, it is essential to think about the long-term. It is also about providing assets that your teammates can use. Tools that can be configured for multiple languages, requiring little equipment and set-ups.

Now everything is about social media and posting. Quick, fun, instructional clips hosted by someone appealing and entertaining. Creating the character's body is the easy part, to give it life is where it gets complicated. Even with the new techniques producing a clip is a process, and I needed to find a way to make it easy!

If the character came with her set and, most importantly, voice and body language, she would be easy to produce and by one person with minimal training. Fortuna is built as a promotion toolset to allow the same person who writes to make and publish the clip. The artificial voice technology will create the illusion that she's actually speaking while saving time, money, and energy. A library of custom-made motions will complete the illusion! For now, Fortuna is in production and testing as motions, voice, looks, and sets are being built. The ultimate goal is to create a self-contained interactive application to simplify the process. The future will tell.

Notes: I am using commercial animation moves in the showcase clips, and the voice is temporary.

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