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The Time Janitor & Iclone 8

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

This pilot is an adaptation of a series, "The Time Janitor." I produced it using the new Iclone 8 and CC4. Once again, use Replica Studio's voices, whose plug-in is not working with Iclone 8. I tried many TTS voices, Replica Studios's voices are created with characters in mind, and many have some emotional levels that are very useful to support the dramatic. The fit is not perfect, but it makes me smile and is in line with the comedic theme of the series. I think it is good enough to use for a pitch.

I used my subscription of Envato elements for music, sound FX, and some video background. I love this service as I can quickly find most of what I need on a wide range of production assets.

As for all upgrades, the new version of Iclone and CC have good and not so good changes. I hate their upgrade because you have to start again as you finally get comfortable with the operating system! It is also not exactly cheap, even for the upgrade. I've been upgrading my Iclone since the first version in 2005!

Would it be time for Reallusion to shift to a subscription model and avoid this continuous updates routine?

I hardly scratched the surface of the new Iclone and CC potential for this project, but I like what I see so far. There is a definite difference in the lighting and final rendering, and I love the motion blurs! I have some problems with a few of the characters' facial animations; it does not register the CC+ controls. Not a fan of this integrated "smart gallery." I love the functionality of the "smart gallery," but in the virtual, the mirror often has two faces. As a developer, I want to protect my work, and I also have to respect my clients' confidentiality. So if any of you know something on the subject, let me know. I will do some more research on the subject. For everything else, I give a thumb up to the new release. Still expensive:)

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