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The perfect creative tool

I've had the idea of creating an easy system for writers to produce what they see in their minds for a long time. My first trial project was called My Movie Kit. That was over fifteen years ago. The ideas were there, but the technology wasn't.

After living in Los Angeles for years, I decided to move back to Quebec. I intended to focus on my pet project, which I intended to turn into more than an idea. If I got my wish, with the Covid crisis, I had plenty of time to concentrate on my work.

Even though I love the conventional process, it's so long and demanding that only a few can make it. The more people you put between the creator and the final product, the less faithful it will be to the original.

I want a tool that doesn't require interventions with a minimal learning curve, like the old studio system with everything to produce in-house but on your laptop. If I do some programming, I'm not a "coder." So I decided to start by building my inventory of assets, characters, costumes, accessories, and some sets. At the same time, at my own pace, I tested the marketplace by distributing and publishing it was a great way to connect with the community.

The software and services that enable gamers to create content have evolved immensely in the past six years. Previously relegated to gaming developers, these tools have become popular with content creators and productions. Many new solutions are showing up on the market, but there is still no viable all-in-one option. That's why I decided to make my own.

The goal is not to create a finished product that can be aired but to gain the confidence to pitch your idea. For example, I put this series pilot together on the weekend.

I selected the characters from my library, same for their looks and part of the sets. I used Iclone 7 and CC3, Replica Studios for the voices connected with a plug-in to Iclone. Replica Studios is interesting because some of their TTS have emotional layers options making the character more life-like. They also propose base facial expressions. For the music and sound FX, I used Envato Elements, and the editing was on Adobe Premiere. Keep in mind that all of those combined are not cheap, and you need a good computer. However this was about the closest I got to my ideal system, but we are still far from it.

Innovation comes from need! I want a tool not for animators, coders, 3d modelers, and game developers but creatives. ALL that is available are not for creators/writers. We shouldn't have to make concessions on our creative process. With most of the software and services, you have to invest constantly. I have to use lots of them to do my job, and they cost a lot. I need to remain technologically savvy so that I can keep using them.

I've spent my career in the film and television industries, surrounded by all types of creative people who share one trait: they're not patient enough to deal with many steps.

I will continue to develop the project, and I will communicate with you about the details. If you want to get involved, let me know.

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