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This time the idea was to test the bridge between CC4 and ZBrush for character development. For the production design, I used backdrops generated by artificial intelligence, and REVOICER generated the characters' voices. And, of course, it's about the story concept.


I'm impressed by how smoothly the connection between CC4 and Z-brush works. I still have to work on my techniques, especially with the character's eyes, but overall it is relatively easy to master. Z-Brush is also an excellent tool for creating stylized hair. I combined it with Blender to complete the shape and UV.

One project goal is to make production more manageable and affordable for creators with less sophisticated equipment.

Stylized characters require fewer resources than more complex ones, and working with backdrops is also a great way of creating excellent environments with minimal resources. Now matt painting requires skills, and keeping the same style when using ready-made images is challenging. So I used AI-generated images. AI images produce weird details and could be of a better resolution. However, they are a great base to upgrade or inspire.

I included some of the images I used in the Galery in this production. Take the time to have a close look at them. You will see what I mean by strange details.

After adding a de-noise filter in Adobe Premiere, a few particle animations, and some forward assets, they did an okay job for this project. Off course, the technique wouldn't work so well in a game, AR, or VR environment.

I've been working lately with a new text-to-speech program called "Revoicer." I've used other voice synthesis services in the past, but I like "Revoicer" because of its reasonable price and high-quality voices, which include many different emotional variations. Unlike similar services, they don't limit you in any way, and you can integrate their service into your existing service lineups.

For the animation, I used Iclone 8. Sorry Unreal people, but you are still too complicated for me. My background is in film and television productions, and Iclone makes me feel at home.

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