Virtual Acting

Many have the aspiration of becoming #actors, but the road to stardom is not an easy one! The competition is fierce, and this has nothing to do with the individual talents.

Online media have opened the way for new opportunities, yet again as long that you have what it takes to retain the public attention or the know-how to produce your material. It is not for everyone to build a successful "#YoutubeChannel."

#Virtualacting maybe the solution for you? What is virtual acting? Well, it is like slipping into somebody else body to give your best performance. No need to worry about your age, weight, or look, as you will create it as you see fit. You can be whomever you want!

In Asia, virtual singers attract thousands of people in stadiums for holographic performances. You have heard about dead personality performing on stage, or see how digital effects can rejuvenate our favorite aging stars in a movie.

You saw superb #3D animated movies and ultra-realistic video games videos. Up to recently, the process of producing virtual actors was reserved for big studios, not anymore!

The technologies are moving fast in the process of virtual productions. Virtual producers are starting to emerge, and guess what they need actors! You don't need to know #3Danimation, and in any case, the software for virtual acting are affordable and easy to use.

If styles of characters vary and are for now often design by the producers, as virtual production evolves, it gets closer to reality, and will at one point be almost dissociable from it. Virtual actors will look and feel like real people. This evolution won't take years to happen as it is already happening.

Contrary to conventional acting, where everything is self-contained in the actor, for a virtual actor, you can combine the skills of different people. As an example, you have a fantastic voice, but your dance moves are limited, or you don't have the equipment to capture, join with somebody who can do it for you. Some people are great at modeling and styling characters but don't care for acting, a silent character won't sale much in the future, time team-up!

At Sckript, we want to help people create fantastic characters, form teams, and produce out of this world content!

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