The take over of Social Publishing!

The less you know to more you fear to be left aside. With streaming content and mobile technologies, we are bombarded by zillion types of content.

The more it goes, the less we can be surprised. When the ET's will finally decide to go public, it won't even stay viral for a month! Before we know it, Amazon will offer facial cream for the Greys and scale pealing mask for the reptilians!

Trends have moved to social publishing habits! Facebook is so yesterday, and Instagram is on the way! What are you using? How many followers do you have? Damn! Even the leader of the free world is spending most of his time tweeting!

Since the invention of the printing medium, there has been no other innovation that has made such a massive impact on human interaction.

Posts that were at first limited are now getting more complex and structured. Yes, we still have pets charming little clips, and babies, but we also have engaging, informative segments on all kind of subjects.

However, fiction took more time to adjust. Normal, because fiction is an art form, and creative endeavors take time. The distribution venues were also restrictive. We are now assisting at the emergence of new kinds of fiction content formats. All massively influenced by social media trends. The new generations are getting their entertainment from mobile venues and rarely use conventional means like broadcast, and the television is now just another screen.

The twenty-first-century public is active and engages with its content. Participation is essential and takes all shapes and forms. There are the obvious usual suspects, such as video games, but social interaction has redefined the system. Would you watch a show with two stars? Or use a service without any "Yelp" referrals? Critics have been replaced by complexes algorithm using your "clicks" and "likes" to direct and promote content. They can't do much worse than a bunch of frustrated snob critics!

Social publishing is now part of the scholar curriculums. As electronic devices and digital supports are now part of common tools, so are social networks. Artists are now looking at it as another type of venue!

Brands, trademarks, protocols, and more will change as this new era begin, but unless a solar flair returns us to the dark ages every day, we will be introduced to new art forms. We may love or hate, but we won't stay indifferent.

Stay tuned for more Sckript articles on the art of streaming content productions!

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