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Fairy Tales Revisited

It may be time to revisit those fairy tales that have been part of people's childhood for centuries.

As a content creator, I know the creative stage has changed significantly in less than a decade.

Consider several factors when creating a corporate, promotional, or creative piece. Everything is being revisited, scrutinized, and even completely rewritten. I am not a big fan of changing history, even under the pretext of inclusion. The past good or bad is the past; we shouldn't try to rewrite history. However, Fairy tales are not historical factual pieces.

These works were most often created during the dark ages, a time when many forms of oppression plagued humanity. I don't care how cute the animation studios dress those tales; they still promote ideas and concepts of another age.

For instance, have you ever seen a short, curvy princess? You'll find her as a maid, an older cook, or a fairy godmother. Notice that most of the villains in the stories are middle-aged women who are jealous of the beauty and youth of their step-daughters. Don't look for any same-sex relationships!

So to be a princess, you need to be at least five-seven tall, wear size 4, sing and talk with animals, and dance like you smoke a big fat one! If you're re-married and past twenty, you're the villain. As for the prince, handsome and courageous? Many are just plain stupid but faithful. Yeah right!

Surprisingly, most of those stories promote everything but what they should. Fairy tales should be about inspiring stories in beautiful, magical settings. Young people need something to dream of while growing up, something that is not real but can be achieved somehow. Let's remember the grownups and parents. The concept of a good King and his sweet, obedient wife is very different from the realities of modern life. Yet we still allow these "Fake Realities" to pollute young minds.

We need dragons and princesses, but they must be updated to reflect today's world.

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