101 - They are back

PART 1 of 3


In every lie, there are parts of the truth. Humanity's longest quest has been to understand its origins. Many tales from all over the planet have been passed from one generation to another. In the name of their faith, tribes have made wars with each other to enforce their truth!

I learn that the closer you get to an answer, the more questions arise. But there is one universal fact; we are all interconnected.

For the good or bad, our actions affect everyone in the now, the then, and will be. If everything is subject to a probable future, we are all ultimately the masters of our destinies!  

Doctor Hertz Psychiatrist Office


The universe is in constant movement. Time is not following a straight line, that is only a perception.


IN reality Past, Present, and Future are

all happening at once. They are options for us to try, experience.

And did you experienced more than one?

For you, it's all a joke! You know what

Doctor, your time is up!


Call Office!


Facts incorporated, how

can I help you?

Myriam, this is Liana, transfer me to Lynn's office, please.

She is out to lunch with Regis, will patch you to her cell-phone.


No, just text her saying that I am taking the rest of the day off. To re-schedule the calls and meetings. I am fine just want to clear my mind. No need to call me back


Just received a text from the office, Lianna is taking the rest of the day off. She said that she wants clear her mind!

I thought that was the job of her shrink.

He's not doing a great job! Liana has been acting weird the last couple of months.


That's why we love her! She is brilliant. However, I am getting worried, maybe she pushed too hard!

Liana is always weird, but you are right she's been worst lately. They said that crazy people and Genious are close relatives.


Liana Brantford is a leader of the international press!


At 31 she already cumulated more awards

then any worldwide journalists!

But this unique talent for finding the truth and expose the corruption is also a curse she's battling all her life!

Abilities that had forced her to live like a recluse, with only comfort her work and her two only friends and partners.


The dreams are now visions. It is becoming almost impossible for her to shut people's minds. She is losing control and feels like something is coming! 


A veil hiding the truth was lifting. She was now seeing them.


Captain! We lost our cloak!

That must be one of those damn humans' little games!  I knew we should have never allowed them in the Alliance.


Move us to the orbital position!


The cloak is back! I will run tests to determine the cause of this failiure.