During decades, fans were gathering to watch incredible stories to the sound of the piano. The silent films era inspired the new Sckript format that we call "T.A." standing for "Text" "Anime." Great for mobile devices; it is a hybrid between animation and an illustrated novel.


Many legends and myths are distorted tales of ancient events witnessed by people lacking the knowledge to understand what really happened then; this is the case of the Olympian Myth! The legendary mighty Gods were no more than the refugees of a terrible war that had destroyed their homeworld and forced them into exile.


A trans-dimensional species called the Titans made a surprise attack on the Olympian homeworld: Olympus. Unprepared, the Olympians couldn't protect their world that got burnt down by the invaders. A small group of them, in their ship, the Olympia, succeeded to escape ending-up in our solar system where they found planet earth. The Olympians decided to hide their ship under the ice of Antarctica and spread themselves among humans and take an earthly name hiding their true immortal nature.


Millenniums later, everything changes when due to global warming and the melting of the ice in Antarctica, the Olympus becomes exposed which forces them back into action.