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High above in the Carpathian's mountains, cloaked in-between time and space from the mortal world below is a fortress from another time. 

 It is the home of the Dracs Clan.

Founded by the ambitious

Vlad Dracula, the clan has become the envy of the un-dead. Over some centuries, it spread its influence across the world and the vampires' society. 

But with great powers comes great responsibilities and even greater hatred from rivals, especially for a clan with a missing leader! 


Where is Vlad, and during his absence, who will lead the clan? As the vampire society can live in between dimensions and time, it is not easy to administrate the clans' properties and humans' herd source of blood. 

Who controls the blood, leads the vampire kind.


Solitary hunters, vampires by nature, are suspicious. Only the alpha is to be trusted and obey, but they are not without enemies even from within their clan.

At the Drac castle,

the four most influential clan's members are meeting.


All four are powerful vampires. In the same room, they look at each other, wondering if the responsible for Vlad vanishing was not one of them. 

Cedrik is the closer to Vlad as the same Dark Lord, Avarak, turned both before committing suicide by daylight.


But even blood brothers do not always see eyes to eyes. 

Over some centuries, they had slowly taken their distances from each other as both too much alike. 

Lucrecia joined the clan after her last clan's fall, and Aurelius, the alpha, got his head chopped by no other than Vlad.


She is known for her logic and lack of emotions.

Unlike Lucrecia, Asha is all about passion; she is also the older in the group.


After a torrid affair with Vlad, she had joined the clan, but as the passion slowly burned out, a wall slowly rises between them. 

The last of the group is Ming.


He is also an ancient and a master of intrigues.


He had strategically changed clan a few times during his long existence.

There was a lot at stake, and if the vampires' world were to learn about Vlad missing, they all would be facing a clans war, they without each other support, would be doom to lose.

You were the last who spent time with Vlad.

What did you talk about? 

We talked about the crisis in the medieval realm! What do you think we talked about?!

We don't know what you males talked about!


Were they any signs that he was planning something?


Did he sound different?

It wouldn't be the first vampire losing it! Your own Dark Lord committed suicide by daylight, or did he?


Are you insinuating that we killed our Dark Lord?! 

I am pointing out that you are way too vague. We are facing a clans war!

Lucrecia notice Ming silence;

she then asks him.

Don't you have anything to say? Would you be planning another clan shift? Or are you knowing something we don't?

I am not talking because I am doing what you guys are not; that is thinking!

Rest assured that if we don't fix this situation fast, I will be looking for a more secure position, so should you all.


A clan without an Alpha is not a clan!

We have an Alpha. We just don't know where he is at this moment. It wouldn't be the first time that Vlad takes an initiative without consulting us. 

Oh, I see. A moment ago, you were all freaking out, and now you are downplaying the situation. Understand that whatever is the reason for Vlad's absence, it can't be good! We should take action. Create at the least some cover-up story and name one of us as interim Alpha.

And who would that be? 

The Blood Witch

Roll 101


White Chapel, London, England 1888

For some, it is the past, other the future, but for those that it is the present, they live in fear of Jack The Ripper!

But Jack was not the only killer that night... But he was a good cover-up.

So you finally show up.

I was starting to wonder how many distorted timelines it would take before you notice!

How much blood a girl would need to get her daddy attention. The worst is that I was starting to have fun.

Vera, there are rules. The others can't know about you. They would seek to destroy you! Changing history will get not only my attention, and not only vampires' attention, but all other immortals! Your mother must have told you?

Well, daddy, I am counting on it. You see, your little girl is no longer just a cute witch... She grew up!

What are you talking about?

You know why it is prohibited for vampires and witches to mate. Because there is a small possibility that their 

daughter grows up to become...

A Blood Witch!

Not witch or vampire, but both, and stronger than both kinds!

Go back to your clan father to prepare them for their new Queen!

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