Anakroni title.jpg

Emerging from the nothing, they are born! They hardly have the time to be aware, as they are manifesting in a new reality.

They emerge in a world where they are leaders! For a moment, their minds are blurred, but it all flows in! They remember, or so they think?

Before they know it, they are propelled into the action, becoming the heroes. Life flies by so fast that they hardly have the time to appreciate it, then they die.


But for them, death is not the deserved relief; it is the return to base. They are back at their point of origin... Anakroni!

In the world of the Anakroni, due to climate changes, water is covering most of the globe; the remaining landmasses are the two new poles, and a fine strip of Islands circle the planet.

Three societies of human societies remained. The south and North are the Polars, living under authoritarian regimes in underground cities and some surface-dwelling. The other is the Belt Islanders, fierce and rebels proud people living in a Pirate like society, the Beltars.

Neomi wakes up on the main Island of the Belt. She is the Queen of that group, overseeing the tribes and the maritime commerce and traffic.